Welcome and mae govannen

Welcome to the website of the Anarquendor en Eglerion!
We are a group of enthusiastic roleplayers who portray an elvish regiment since 2008. This started on the Dutch event called "Omen" where we were only a few elves strong. We fought against undead and greenskins, barbarians and humans. In 2011 we decided to take the Anarquendor to Drachenfest, a large German event where we can battle with nearly 5000 other players for and with the Dragons who reign this world. We have now outgrown Omen and play solely on the Drachenfest and on our self-organised specials and specials of our friends from other countries including Germany and Switzerland.

Feel free to browse our website and find out who we are. We hope to see you all on the Drachenfest!
Please note that this website is under construction and not all pages are functional at this time. Don't hesitate to drop us a line on the forum!


Anarquendor at Drachenfest 2011